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November 30, 2017

Closing the Gap Between Medical and Dental Care Visits

  Any new parent will tell you they’re often going to well-child visits. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends up to 12 checkups during the first three years of a child’s life. The regular visits create trust among pediatrician, parent, and child. According to the 2015 Colorado Health Access Survey, more than 90% of…


August 17, 2017

The Importance of Oral Health: Spreading the Word to Colorado

Delta Dental of Colorado uniquely understands the critical connection between oral health and overall health. Beyond just giving you the ability to eat, speak, and smile, your oral health affects your overall health AND your financial health. We want our members and all Coloradans to understand this fact so that they make it a priority! For…


August 10, 2017

Mission Critical: Programs That Improve Oral Health in Vulnerable Communities

Giving back impacts the oral health of Colorado’s underserved populations the most. That’s because dental disease is a chronic problem among low-income and vulnerable populations. Many advances have contributed to improved oral health in our underserved Colorado communities: Community water fluoridation reduces the gap in decay rates of Americans. The CDC says it’s the most cost-effective…


June 13, 2017

Delta Dental of Colorado Foundation: Making Moves Across the State

The Delta Dental of Colorado Foundation is working across Colorado to improve oral health by eradicating childhood tooth decay. To make good oral health a community priority, the foundation supports projects that achieve at least one of our 3 drivers of success: Improve access to evidence-based dental care. Increase the public’s awareness of and support…


May 23, 2017

3 Innovative Ways Dental Schools are Evolving

Dental schools are transforming their teaching to reflect the rapid changes in dental science and technology. These innovations are happening locally and around the world: Integrating with Medical Care Because oral health is strongly connected to overall health, schools are looking to integrate medical and dental care. The University of Colorado School of Dental Medicine trains future doctors, physician…


May 18, 2017

Partnering Helps Communities Learn About Oral Health

On the first Tuesday every month, the Delta Dental of Colorado Tooth Fairy visits the Children’s Museum of Denver at Marisco campus. It’s Target Tuesday and from 4-8 p.m., families can get in for free. The Tooth Fairy is there to talk to kids and families about good oral health. She gives them toothbrushes to…


April 20, 2017

Hygienist Breaks Down Access to Dental Care Barriers in Rural Colorado

Access to a dentist can be hard even with dental insurance. In Colorado, almost 1 of 5 adults have Medicaid coverage. Less than 12 percent of Colorado licensed dentists take part in Medicaid, due to a variety of factors. Some of those providers only treat a few enrollees while about 5% treat a significant number…


March 28, 2017

State Sugar Taxes: Sodapressing or Sweet Solution?

Taxes on sugar-sweetened beverages have the potential to make our kids healthier. Introduced as the SWEET Act in 2014, the bill would add a 1% tax per every 4.2 grams of added sugar in beverages. The United States hasn’t implemented a nationwide sugar tax yet, but 6 cities have put a higher price tag on the…


March 23, 2017

Colorado Kids Leading the Way with Healthy Choices

Seventeen thousand people live within the 1.5 square-mile Westwood neighborhood in Denver. Compared to Denver overall, Westwood residents earn just over half the median household income. Almost half the residents lack a high school degree and they have larger and more crowded households. 81% of Westwood residents are Hispanic and many are Spanish-only speakers. In…


February 2, 2017

Get to know the Foundation’s new Executive Director

As the new Executive Director for Delta Dental of Colorado Foundation, Allison Cusick will be working with the Board of Directors and staff to move the Foundation into its next chapter. She aims to continue being strategically innovative to identify future opportunities like recent projects including: The Cavities Get Around “Truth Behind the Label” spot…