Delta Dental of Colorado Foundation supports public policies that advance oral health equity. Public policy should advance access to care, prevention, and the connection of oral health to overall health for up to all ages. Policies must promote equity and reduce disparities, particularly for historically overlooked populations. View our policy principles and priorities below or download them as a PDF.

Benefits and coverage

We support policies that ensure patients of all ages receive quality oral health care through public or private coverage.  Patient rights is a priority and citizenship status should not a barrier to quality care or coverage. 


We support policies that advance innovative and evidence-based strategies that enhance and support oral health in non-traditional ways such as integrated care, remote care, and other modes of care.


We support policies and regulations that ensure a diverse, equity-driven workforce to meet the needs of the patients. Through innovative programs and community-based health care settings, optimal oral health care is administered to the community. 

Social determinants of health

We support policies that ensure optimal oral health care is not compromised due to social determinants of health such as (but not limited to) lack of access, geographic location, access to optimally fluoridated water, income, food security, nutrition, housing, healthy lifestyle, transportation, and education.

Policies we support and why

SB 21-102: Dental hygienists are on the frontline of delivering care in non-traditional settings like schools and nursing homes.  

Allowing their dental hygienists to place silver diamine fluoride (SDF) and interim therapeutic restorations (ITR) on a patient’s teeth help stop the progression of cavities. Data show these treatments are effective at increasing access to care and improving patient outcomes. SB102 continues to allow dental hygienists to provide ITR and SDF treatments to patients. 

Alongside DDCO and DDCOF, other supporters of SB102 include Caring for Colorado Foundation, Children’s Hospital Colorado, Colorado Children’s Campaign, Colorado Community Health Network, Colorado Dental Association, Colorado Dental Hygienists Association, and Healthier Colorado. 

On April 15, 2021, bill SB102 was signed into law by Governor Polis.